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CHEM 331 Wiki-notes - Fall2009

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You will be assessed under two criteria: Firstly, you will be assessed on the accuracy and completeness of your notes. Secondly, you will be assessed on your writing skills. You are free to design the page in any way you like, however my suggestion is to try and write your notes in the style of a textbook. You want to ensure proper use of grammar and punctuation; that your text is clear and not ambiguous; proper use of headings to define sections; proper use of labels on figures, tables, equations etc; proper use of symbols; proper use of subscript and superscript characters; avoid use of slang and non-scientific terms.



Your written text will be directly compared with the text in Atkins! Do not copy it. Use the textbook as guidance, but write in YOUR OWN WORDS. If your text is in anyway, similar to the textbook, you will receive a score of 0%.



STEP 1: On your day to take notes in class, come early to class to make sure you don't miss the start of the lecture. Not only write down what is shown on the slides in class, but also make notes of what I am saying where possible. Everything I say or show in class is examinable, so if we do a lecture demonstration, take notes!


STEP 2: After class, start communicating with the other students in your group to divide up the work. You will each be responsible for your own particular section of the notes.


STEP 3: Within two days of the lecture you are to to create a "draft" wiki-page containing your combined notes. I will then read your notes and leave you feedback. All of my comments need to be addressed and your "final" version will be "online" one week after the lecture.



1. Generate the appropriate LaTex code at www.sitmo.com/latex for your equations

2. Copy the code from the above website.

3. Go to the wiki page and enter "Edit" mode.

4. Click "Insert Plugin" and select "Teacher's Tools" and then "Equation"

5. Paste LaTex code into box.

6. Verify your equation is properly formatted.



You must have all pictures saved as separately named files on your computer.

1. In "View" mode, find the "Upload Files" link in the top right hand corner of the page.

2. From the folders list, click the appropriate lecture number.

3. Now click "Upload Files" and select file to be uploaded.

4. Ensure the file is located in the correct folder.

5. Now go to your wiki-page and enter "Edit" mode.

6. Click the "Insert/Edit Link" icon and choose to add a "PBWorks file".

7. Find your filename from the drop down menu.

Click the appropriate link below to edit your lecture notes.


LECTURE 1: jbro4@gmu.edu, ncastil2@gmu.edu, acesin@gmu.edu

LECTURE 2: sakhter4@gmu.edu, lalexan2@gmu.edu, ialhaj@gmu.edu

LECTURE 3: msins@gmu.edu, rsultan1@gmu.edu, jta2@gmu.edu

LECTURE 4: smakarov@gmu.edu, dmartinv@gmu.edu, kmehalic@gmu.edu

LECTURE 5: otawiaha@gmu.edu, mtoulous@gmu.edu, ktranb@gmu.edu

LECTURE 6: pnguye6@gmu.edu, tngn@gmu.edu, xnguyen3@gmu.edu

LECTURE 7: hriaz3@gmu.edu, crodrig8@gmu.edu, jrozari1@gmu.edu

LECTURE 8: fwhitfie@gmu.edu, szarco@gmu.edu, maboagye@gmu.edu

LECTURE 9: pchadwel@gmu.edu, qchu1@gmu.edu, jcrishi@gmu.edu

LECTURE 10: mallenda@gmu.edu, rashraf@gmu.edu

LECTURE 11: amoody@gmu.edu, yparkb@gmu.edu

LECTURE 12: btafesse@gmu.edu, ttran11@gmu.edu, cvandols@gmu.edu,

LECTURE 13: jdolyniu@gmu.edu, jdrown@gmu.edu, mdunbar@gmu.edu

LECTURE 14: sley@gmu.edu, sly3@gmu.edu, 

LECTURE 15: cayers1@gmu.edu, cprice8@gmu.edu

LECTURE 16: hlex@gmu.edu, kleep@gmu.edu

LECTURE 17: ckazepis@gmu.edu, mkershis@gmu.edu

LECTURE 18: sdeese@gmu.edu, aenam@gmu.edu

LECTURE 19: whusunuk@gmu.edu, jhynes1@gmu.edu

LECTURE 20: hlam7@gmu.edu, sy@gmu.edu

LECTURE 21: dlef@gmu.edu, adailey3@gmu.edu

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