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Problem Set 4

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1) The vapour pressure of a substance at 50.0°C is 43.0 kPa and its enthalpy of vaporization is 42.2 kJ mol–1. Estimate the temperature at which its vapour pressure is 96.0 kPa. 

2) The normal boiling point of heptane is 98.4°C. Estimate (a) its enthalpy of vaporization and (b) its vapour pressure at 37°C and 84°C.  

3) The molar volume of a certain solid is 122.0 cm3 mol–1 at 1.00 atm and 483.15 K, its melting temperature. The molar volume of the liquid at this temperature and pressure is 142.6 cm3 mol–1. At 1.29 MPa the melting temperature changes to 485.34 K. Calculate the enthalpy and entropy of fusion of the solid. 



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